Artists Representation Agencies

Agencies that represent creative people in the fashion industry, such as photographers and stylists.

Celebrity Portals

Sites that link to official and fan sites of various celebrities.

Fashion Designers

Major design houses and individual designers -- world famous and little-known.

Fashion Design Schools

Education programs for aspiring fashion designers.

Fashion Forums

Places to discuss models, magazines, and the fashion industry in general.

Fashion Industry News

Sites that present news about the fashion industry.

Fashion Industry Service Companies

Sites of companies that provide services to the fashion industry.

Fashion Magazines

Links to the web presences of print magazines and fashion magazines that exist online only.

Fashion Portals

General sites about fashion, beauty and modeling.

Hair and Make-up Artists

Sites of hair stylists and make-up artists who work on fashion shoots and runway shows.

Jewelry Designers

Sites of designers and design houses that specialize in jewelry.

Models - Individuals

Official sites of individual fashion models and fan tribute sites.

Models - Multiple

Sites that present pictures of and information about multiple fashion models.

Models - Portfolio Hosting

Sites that present portfolios of aspiring, unsigned models.

Models - Voting Sites

Sites that allow you to vote on your favorite model. Note that clicking a link to a site that lists Anna Sinkovska will be registered as a "vote" for her.

Modeling Agencies

Modeling agencies around the world.


Official sites of photographers who work in the fashion industry.

Photography Portals

Portals for and about photographers.


Sites of fashion stylists.