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Please use the form below to suggest a new site or directory category. Note that the purpose of this directory is to list sites in the fashion industry, but not retailers. Our intention is to compile a list of sites to serve people in the fashion business and those who are interested in it, but we are not here to sell anything. If the site of a designer, photographer or model offers something for sale, but the site's purpose is mostly to present and promote that person or organization's work, that is certainly acceptable, but we do not have a category for online stores and do not intend to add one.

If you arrived on this page directly from a site about directory submissions and have not actually looked at the content of our directory, please note that this is a niche directory of the fashion industry. We do not and will not list sites outside of that business.

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Finally, please note that the directory's editor is an American, and as such, he is not multilingual. He can usually manage to figure out the meaning of French, but apart from that, he's at a loss. As such, no matter what language your site is in, the description you enter on this form needs to be in English. If the editor can't figure out what you say the site is about, he will be forced to delete your submission.

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