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I first met Anna Sinkovská in an online chat room in June of 2002. I was immediately impressed by her intelligence, kindness, openness and humor, and was astonished to discover that she was only eighteen years old at the time. We quickly became good friends.

Anna was then a student of ecology at a school near Prague. (The education system in the Czech Republic is quite different from the one in the United States, but as far as I can tell, Anna's school is more or less a cross between a high school and a junior college.) She told me that she was working on becoming a model, and when I saw her picture I was astonished again -- Anna is tall and slim, with long legs and a perfect figure. Her face is simply extraordinary. She is at once both innocent and sophisticated, youthful and wise. Her pale skin is offset by her large, deep brown eyes. One look into those eyes and it's almost impossible to look away.

When Anna told me that she'd signed on with a modeling agency, I thought of this web site as a good way to keep her friends informed about the progress of her career and to keep in touch with her as she travels the world. It's also a great opportunity for those of us who know and love her to tell everyone all about our dear, beautiful Anya.

Fashion Model Anna Sinkovska sitting on a stone wall

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