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An Update from the Webmaster (8 December, 2002)

As stated on our home page, the purpose of this web site is not only to promote the career of Anna Sinkovská, but to track it. While our hope is that a lot of that tracking will be made possible by reports from Anna herself, she's just been too busy to contribute anything so far. I've been in touch with her, and she's having a great time, but I don't think we should expect an official report from her soon, so I've decided that it would be a good idea at this point to pass on the information I have.

The plan for Anna to spend a few weeks in Paris and then move on to Taipei and Milan has been set aside for the time being, as she's still in Paris and very busy. Recent pictures were taken by Roxane Models, the agency she's working with there, and they are published here as the First Paris Portfolio. The latest word from Anna on Paris is:

I still live in Paris and I'm completely happy... life is wonderful same like Paris... I'm very busy during the days, but I love this style of life... I have completed some photos for you and will send you them before Christmas.

Of course, when the photos arrive we'll publish them here as soon as possible.

The site itself has been generating a good deal of interest. We've been linked to by a number of sites, and a lot of traffic has been coming in from them. The site logs also indicate that messages about Anna and pictures of her have been posted on a number of online forums. On top of that, Anna's been getting some special recognition:

  • The Spanish site Studio5tv has placed Anna on their "cover" for December.
  • As of this date, Anna has been listed as "Model of the Day" for about two weeks on the Italian site,, with a picture on their front page linking both to this site and to an area on their site devoted to her.

So, I think it's fair to say that after only three months on the web (and in Anna's case, three months in Paris), things are looking very good for Anna, and I continue to believe that the future holds some great things for her.

Fashion Model Anna Sinkovska in a red dress


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